New Music Babies: The Flaming Lips + Tegan & Sara + Devendra Banhart!

October music babies have been birthed!

The Flaming Lips
Picture 4

God, I can’t stop staring at this album cover. What is going on here? Is this poor girl getting her brain sucked from inside a bear suit? Initially I was very excited to hear something new from The Flaming Lips. I mostly dig what I’ve heard so far, but there’s no one song that really stands out to me. One thing I can say so far is that these furry fetishizers are always innovative and schizo (in a cool way).

Tegan & Sara
“Sainthood”Picture 3

I’ve never been a big Tegan & Sara fan (I can’t believe this is their 6th studio album?!), but I’m really eager to dive into their new stuff, mostly because I hear “Sainthood” is all about obsession with romantic ideals — and that intrigues me.

Devendra Banhart
“What Will We Be”Picture 5
That’s a good question, Dev. What will we be. Frankly, I was a bit turned off by Dev Ban’s last live show — seemed so full of himself — but liking what I’m hearing so far. More happy-go-lucky than usual.

Neon Indian
“Psychic Chasms”Picture 6
Psychic Chasms. I like the way that rolls off the tongue. Kind of MGMT-esque. Thanks for the recommendation, Kevin Mmm AKA Mr. Melancholy. (Why so sad?)

The Dead Weather
“Live At Third Man Records West EP”deadweatherIf you missed The Dead Weather’s recent tour, you may have to settle for their new live EP. A little live version of “I Cut Like A Buffalo” never hurt anyone.


~ by Heather Frank on October 27, 2009.

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