Top 5 Music Countdown: Leading Synthpop Ladies! Bat for Lashes, La Roux & Little Boots!

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Synthpop is the subgenre of New Wave and Pop where the synthesizer is the dominant sound. Originated during the new wave – late 70s early 80s – and big time reemerged in the mid to late 2000s — which leads us to today’s show. We’re counting down the top 5 leading solo female singer/songwriter synthpop artists who use 80s-style synths and who embody a sort of futuristic, mythical, or generally outlandish fashion and performance style.

5. Alison Goldfrapp AKA Goldfrappgoldfrapp_supernature_01

4. Natasha Kahn AKA Bat for Lashes51kmoidgcl_ss500_

3. Victoria Hesketh AKA Little Bootsuntitled

2. Julie Budet AKA Yelleyelle

1. Elly Jackson AKA La Rouxla-roux

PS. Synthesizers are sexy.

Now it’s your turn! What female synthpop honies have you been geeking out to? Leave me your list as a comment below!!


~ by Heather Frank on October 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Top 5 Music Countdown: Leading Synthpop Ladies! Bat for Lashes, La Roux & Little Boots!”

  1. Not sure if I’ve been “geeking” out to female synthpop singers, but I have been known to nerd out to Alison Moyet from Yaz. But that’s pretty old school.

    You looked sharp – good night’s sleep always helps 😉

  2. goldfrapp is amazing glad you mentioned her. Wish you mentioned ladyhawke.

  3. Ellie Goulding!! this girl is bloody amazing!! …also into Annie, her new cd is finally comin out. VV Brown has skills, Little Boots covers her song Leave its sweet! &Goldielocks is so bomb diggity! those r my faves right now. of course la roux too. and Jupiter.

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