Top 5 Music Countdown: Muse + Wolfmother + The xx = Rock & Roll Kegger

Today we’re talking rock and roll keg parties, so you need to get yourself some rocker sneakers, STAT!!

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Butler, AKA Rock and Roll Geek, is hosting a triple kegger this weekend, so my plan? Bring the music! Mission: impress Butler’s weird friends while they do keg stands with my Top 5 Favorite New Album Releases – fresh off the music tree! Whooping it up at Butler’s crib!!

Let’s kick things off with something tough — let people get the head-butting and cursing out of their system with some neo-psychadelica!

5. Wolfmother

“Cosmic Egg”


Now it’s important to keep the party hopping at this stage, so let’s drop some grungy heavy metal, shall we?

4. Alice In Chains

“Black Gives Way to Blue”


The party is in full swing by now and most of your guests are probably enjoying a pretty awesome buzz, so let’s switch gears and get them out on the dance floor!

3. Basement Jaxx


By now the beer bonging is getting a bit out of hand in your dirty bathtub, so let’s take them down a notch with some symphonic rock!

2. Muse

“The Resistance”muse

Finally, the keg has been sucked dry, people are passed out or just chillin’ out — perfect time to drop my latest obsession!

1. The xx


Now it’s your turn! Tell me what top 5 newly released albums you’d bring to a kegger party! Leave your list as a comment on my blog – GirlLovesMusic!!

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~ by Heather Frank on September 25, 2009.

One Response to “Top 5 Music Countdown: Muse + Wolfmother + The xx = Rock & Roll Kegger”

  1. i dug it. good stuff. nice picks. great to see heather on a show online again 😀

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