Top 5 Music Countdown: Back to School. End of Summer Blues. Party’s Over.

Many of us are already back in school or basking in the remnants of a delightful summer slipping away. OK, the party isn’t exactly over, but the season is most definitely changing and soon it will be time for you to get out your cold weather gear. So, this week’s Top 5 Music Countdown is all about making the end of summer blues less… well, bluesy!

5. “We’re Going to Be Friends
-The White Stripes

Picture 3

This lovely autumnal ditty is from the album “White Blood Cells” and is featured in the opening credits of Napoleon Dynamite. It tells the story of going back to school and meeting new friends. Oh, and wearing new shoes! (Shameless plug: use code AFTOP515 to get 15% off new sneaks at!)

Dear Jack White,

4. “School

Picture 4A new Fall chill is in the air and you’re already swamped with schoolwork and #2 pencil sharpening. There’s no rest for the wicked, but how about a good scream? This little tune is a screamer, “there’s no recess!!!”

3. “Hot For Teacher
-Van Halen

Picture 6“Sit down, Waldo!!” This song is nostalgic of my innocent days as a high schooler. I remember Sophomore year, my girlfriends and I got all glammed up for the Van Halen concert — I think it was my second rock show after getting trampled at Steve Miller Band.

2. “Another Brick in the Wall
-Pink Floyd

Picture 5We don’t need no education. ‘Nuff said.

1. “Cruel Summer

Picture 7Like, OMG!! This song is quintessential high school. Daddy’s out of town — which means all night keggers, parental liquor cabinet raids, messy bathtub beer bonging and of course, the dreadful beverage that is the wine cooler. Good times!

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Summer 4EVA!


~ by Heather Frank on September 23, 2009.

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