Top 5 Music Countdown: Best Music Videos of 2009!!!

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Top 5 Music Countdown: Best Music Videos of 2009! Based on technique, creativity and entertainment value.

5. “Daniel
[dir. Johan Renck]

Bat for Lashesbatforlashes

Natasha Khan always scores big pointage for creativity. And who doesn’t love a creepy chase video?

4. “When I Grow Up
[dir. Martin de Thurrah]

Fever Rayfeverray

Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife) hardly lacks imagination – a harlequin dancing on a diving board over a dirty pool? She somehow pulls off weird without pretension.

3.Two Weeks
[dir. Patrick Daughters]

Grizzly Beargrizzlybear

Exploding heads are cool! P. Daughters is unquestionably following in Michel Gondry’s quirky footsteps!

2. “The Reeling
[dir. Hydra (John Hobbs, Ariel Danziger, Sam Stephens)]

Passion Pitpassionpit

A bit too “disco” for me at times, but dig that ripped magazine effect.

1. “Lessons Learned
[dir. Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault]
Matt & Kim

This video is my #1 because it involves two of my favorite things: New York City and nudity! (It just sounds good, OK?)


Top 5 Music Countdown: Rock ‘N’ Roll Baby Daddies!

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Top 5 Music Countdown: Rock ‘N’ Roll Baby Daddies!

5. Anthony Kiedis


Have you seen this guy play a guitar with his shirt off? I have, and I haven’t been the same since.

4. Jason Schwartzman

Totally adorbs. He’s got that double threat thing going for him = CUTE AND SEXY.

3. Wolfmother

And here we’re talking, not one particular member, but the ENTIRE BAND (with the exception of the drummer).

2. Justin Timberlake

I’ve always had a thing for JT. A guy who can dance should know this truth: I’m putty in your hands.

1. Jack White


BIG SHOCK. He’s one talented, SEXY BITCH. Love everything he touches.

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Top 5 Music Countdown: Thanksgiving Day Playlist!

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Now, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And when it comes down do it, for me? It’s all about gratitude, family, friendship, love and of course, food. So, this week’s Top 5 Music Countdown is dedicated to this joyous holiday. And if your family happens to have a karaoke machine, this awesome list doubles as a Thanksgiving-themed karaoke playlist — so you can belt out and bond with your perfectly dysfunctional family. Fun, right?

5. “Sweet Potatoe Pie
-DominodominoDo you remember this guy? Popular in the 90s – early 2000s. Shamed for sharking Snoop Doggy Dogg’s rapping style.

4. “November Rain
-Guns N’ Roses
gnrDelightful symphonic rock ballad about the month of November. One of GNR’s longest songs and one of the most expensive music videos to make (at that time).

3. “Eat It
-Weird Al Yankovic
weirdalFood is good to eat.

2. “Umbrella
-Rihanna (feat. Jay-Z)rihannaUmbrellas symbolize protection, friendship and in some cultures, love.

1. “Livin’ On a Prayer
-Bon JovibonjoviQuintessential anthem rock about hard work, love and holding onto what we’ve got!

Post your top 5 songs of thanks above! I could really use some gratitude… and love.

Top 5 Music Countdown: Rock & Pop Sleep Songs!

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Now, get ready for this week’s Top 5 Music Countdown: Rock & Pop Sleep Songs!!

5. “Enter Sandman
-MetallicametallicaFun fact: I was a big Metallica groupie in high school. My gal pals and I used to drive up to Tahoe to snowboard and rock out to Metallica on the way.

4. “Sweet Dreams
-The Eurythmics

eurythmicsOne of my all-time favorite music videos. Classic. Annie Lennox was the sh**t.

3. “Talking in your Sleep
-The RomanticsromanticsThis is very nostalgic of my days as an MTV kid. Scantily clad ladies ready for bed, FTW!

2. “Dream On
aerosmithGuilty pleasure! Evokes fond memories of the carefree, simple days of teenage life.

1. “Sleep the Clock Around
-Belle & SebastianbelleandsebastianSometimes all I want to do is sleep the clock around. Like Sleeping Beauty.

Are you tired too? Leave me your list of favorite sleep songs below! Come ONNN, live a little!!

Top 5 Music Countdown: New York City Ditties!

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Top 5 Music Countdown: Favorite Songs About a Little Town Called New York City!!

5. “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down
-LCD Soundsystemlcd

4. “Lovecraft in Brooklyn
-The Mountain Goats (Aesop Rock Remix)goats

3. “Downtown Train
-Tom Waitstom waits

2. “NYC

1. “First We Take Manhattan
-Leonard Cohenleonard cohen

Bonus round! 20 more New York-inspired songs for a longer, vitamin-fortified playlist!

“Walk on the Wild Side”
-Lou Reed

“Brooklyn Bound”
-The Black Keys

-Mos Def

“The Long Island Sound”

“Where I’m From”
-Digable Planets

“What New York Used to Be”
-The Kills

“Stock Exchange”
-Miss Kittin & the Hacker

“Positively 4th Street”
-Bob Dylan

“Yeah! New York”
-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“This Mess We’re In”
-PJ Harvey (Feat. Thom Yorke)

“South 2nd”

“NYC Everything”

“Chelsea Hotel”
-Leonard Cohen

“Hello Brooklyn”
-Beastie Boys

“Fairy Tale of New York”
-Stars (Pogues cover)

“Piazza, New York Catcher”
-Belle & Sebastian

“The Last Tango in Brooklyn”
-Frightened Rabbit

“53rd & 3rd”
-The Ramones

“New York, New York”
-Cat Power

“Hello Brooklyn”
-Jay-Z & Lil’ Wayne

Also, while you’re there, leave me a comment with your top 5 favorite New York songs

Top 5 Music Countdown: Halloween Music (from Beyond the Grave)!

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This week’s Top 5 Music Countdown is all about my favorite holiday. Halloween!!

While you’re sewing your costume together or mixing up some eyeball punch for your monster bash (see what I did there?) rock out to my play list from beyond the grave! Let’s bypass the obvious spooky tunes like “Monster Mash”, “Ghostbusters” and “Thriller”, shall we? We like to be more original on this show. Enjoy!

5. “Psycho Killer
-Talking Heads
Picture 3

Psycho killers are most definitely scary. And evil. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

4. “Devil Inside

Picture 5

Every single one of us has the devil inside. The devil is evil.

3. “I Put a Spell On You
-Screaming Jay Hawkins
Picture 4
I’ve always thought that Jay Hawk was possessed. The dirty work of witches. Witches are ugly. And evil.

2. “Abracadabra
-Steve Miller
Picture 7Magic is evil.

1. “Somebody’s Watching Me
-Rockwell Feat. Michael Jackson
Picture 8
Watching someone without them knowing it is unquestionably evil.

Now it’s your turn! I wanna know what spooky songs you listen to this time of year. Leave me your list as a comment above!!

Happy Halloween!

New Music Babies: The Flaming Lips + Tegan & Sara + Devendra Banhart!

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October music babies have been birthed!

The Flaming Lips
Picture 4

God, I can’t stop staring at this album cover. What is going on here? Is this poor girl getting her brain sucked from inside a bear suit? Initially I was very excited to hear something new from The Flaming Lips. I mostly dig what I’ve heard so far, but there’s no one song that really stands out to me. One thing I can say so far is that these furry fetishizers are always innovative and schizo (in a cool way).

Tegan & Sara
“Sainthood”Picture 3

I’ve never been a big Tegan & Sara fan (I can’t believe this is their 6th studio album?!), but I’m really eager to dive into their new stuff, mostly because I hear “Sainthood” is all about obsession with romantic ideals — and that intrigues me.

Devendra Banhart
“What Will We Be”Picture 5
That’s a good question, Dev. What will we be. Frankly, I was a bit turned off by Dev Ban’s last live show — seemed so full of himself — but liking what I’m hearing so far. More happy-go-lucky than usual.

Neon Indian
“Psychic Chasms”Picture 6
Psychic Chasms. I like the way that rolls off the tongue. Kind of MGMT-esque. Thanks for the recommendation, Kevin Mmm AKA Mr. Melancholy. (Why so sad?)

The Dead Weather
“Live At Third Man Records West EP”deadweatherIf you missed The Dead Weather’s recent tour, you may have to settle for their new live EP. A little live version of “I Cut Like A Buffalo” never hurt anyone.